Why we fish in a sustainable wild salmon fishery.

As stewards of the salmon resources in Alaska, the people voted in 1958 to eliminate the many fish traps that dotted Alaska's coastline.    This was done to protect the Wild Salmon runs and to return the fisheries back to the people of Alaska.   Why would they do that?  It was done for many reasons, the main reason was to protect the very precious wild salmon runs.  

The Alaska Board of Fisheries- the governing body that sets the sustainable escapement goal for the rivers around the state in a forum that includes testimony from all of the stakeholders in the fishery was formed in 1949.  This includes, Sport fishermen, Fisheries Managers, Commercial Fishermen, Subsistence Fishermen and Personal Use Fishermen and anyone else who wishes to have their say.

With Sustainable escapement goals, we have the best chance of guaranteeing that the return of the salmon to their natal streams will ensure future healthy runs of salmon to that same stream.  

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